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Steve Netting - Red Hat OpenShift Specialist, Musician, Amateur Radio Operator, Photographer, and Retro Computing Enthusiast

Explore my interests: Linux/AmigaOS - Amateur Radio + Electronics - Music

Current Musical Projects:-


Coherer, Cybernet 1202, Town and County and Pennycross Coven are my four current musical projects. Coherer is a classic electro project that combines electronic instruments and synthesizers to create a unique, but often dark futuristic sound. Cybernet 1202 is an electro cooperative project that uses samples, beats and bass to create an alien-inspired futuristic soundscape. Lastly, Town and County and Pennycross Coven combine elements of hauntology, ambient, folk and darkwave music. Together, these four projects represent a broad range of musical styles and explore a variety of themes, from futuristic dystopias to timeless folk narratives.

Coherer - Electro
Cybernet 1202 - Electro

Town and County - Hauntology
Pennycross Coven - Hauntology

Other - via Soundcloud


Current Demoscene Projects:-


Slipstream (Amiga, PC, CPC, C64)



Previous Musical Projects:-


Rammlied - Rammstein tribute band from Wiltshire


The Beauty of Grey (2005)


Caffeine Kill (2000-2002)




Demoscene Links:-


Pouet and Slengpung

Online demoscene resources





Flickr Stream



Game & Sound Design:-


I'm available for game and sound design work.

As a highly skilled sound designer and musician, I offer extensive experience in creating immersive audio experiences for the gaming industry. With a passion for crafting dynamic soundscapes, I bring a unique and creative perspective to all my projects. If you're seeking a talented and innovative sound designer for your next game, look no further. I'm available for freelance work and eager to collaborate with passionate teams who value high-quality audio experiences.






As a Senior Technical Account Manager at Red Hat (Finland), I specialize in OpenShift and have extensive experience in UNIX system design, implementation, and support. My expertise includes working with a range of UNIX operating systems, such as Linux, Solaris, HPUX, SCO, IRIX, and AIX.  My experience also includes working with various applications, including Oracle, Informix, Symantec Netbackup, EMC Networker, VMWare, as well as open-source software such as MySQL, Apache, and Exim

Recent Projects:

- Implemented, supported and provided training for various technologies such as OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible through Red Hat Professional Services.

- Carried out data migration, consolidation and virtualization projects utilizing technologies such as VMWare ESXi, Zones, Integrity VM, AWS and Rackspace.

- Automated build and maintenance processes using tools such as Cobbler, Kickstart, Satellite, Puppet, Chef and Ruby.

- Implemented system monitoring solutions using Nagios, Icinga and Munin.

- Conducted intrusion and DOS analysis utilizing Apache Scalp, Scapy and DDoSIM.

- Carried out stress testing on Apache/MySQL clusters using Tsung.

- Supporting SGI and Linux LAM/MPI computational clusters that run finite element modeling software such as LS-Dyna, MSC Nastran, and Patran.

Previously security cleared to MOD SC level.



Previous Employers/Contracts include:-


FICO (Fair Isaac)

Red Hat



Bristol University

NDS UK (Cisco)

JP Morgan Chase & Co



Serco Group Plc


Hewlett Packard

Dorset County Council


NTL (now Virgin Media)

Logica CMG

British Telecom



Find me on LinkedIn




(ex)Chartered member of the British Computer Society






As a Red Hat OpenShift Professional, a retro computing fan, amateur radio operator, demoscener, hacker and maker, I am actively engaged in many clubs and organisations. With my broad range of experience and expertise, I am excited to explore the world of technology and create great experiences for others.

Only LINUX Makes it Possible

My IT blog and technical notes
Linux, Openshift, AmigaOS and more

Wiltshire Linux User Group

Member and contributor

Bristol & Bath Linux User Group

Member and contributor

Member and contributor


Swindon Museum of Computing







My amateur radio blog and notes


Radio Society of Great Britain

Member, (ex) regional instructor


Suomen Radioamatööriliitto Ry



UK Six Metre Group

Member, enthusiast



Other Associated Sites:-


Swindon Makerspace



Tampere Hacklab



Campaign for Real Ale

Member and real ale fan


Pentax User

Member and contributor


The UK Ghostbusters

Member, Charity Fundraiser


Flickr Bristol

Member and contributor

Empty white expanse,
Purposeful nothingness here,
Silence speaks volumes. 


Contact Details:-


steve at netting dot org dot uk (email)



OH3SPN on perl/MagNet

OH3SPN on Freenode

TCM on IRCNet on Mastodon


Mobile: +358 (0)41 807 5343


Mobile: +44 (0)7769 908 366
(WhatsApp, Telegram)


HF/VHF/UHF Voice/CW/PSK by arrangement ;)

Other Links of Interest:-


Fedora Core (linux)

Ubuntu (linux)

Slashdot (news)

The Register (news)

Think Geek (retail)

ZeroGain (audiophile)

Old Computers (museum)

Robert Anton Wilson (RIP)

  Triumph Motorcycles (UK)

  Devonport High School (Plymouth)


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